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The Argos journal, emerged in 1997, as an initiative to disseminate all those literary expressions that were developed at the time within university spaces, as well as the intention of offering the reading public an alternative for consultation by presenting itself as one of the first electronic journal in Latin America.

Over time, it has established itself as a medium in which, on the one hand, research works in the area of ​​classical, contemporary and romantic literature are combined, and on the other, as a space in which the works of of literary research, both nationally and internationally recognized authors, thus positioning Argos as one of the best-positioned literary journal on a global scale, a primary objective of the editorial team.

Argos, a semi-annual peer-reviewed and open access journal, has been funded since 2019, provided by the University of Guadalajara through the University Scientific Journals Program, whose purpose is to strengthen the editorial processes of those scientific journals, adhering to the international standards of editorial quality, which is why this magazine maintains a firm commitment to improve its editorial quality, not only in terms of the content it publishes in each edition, but also in the editorial flow that allows collaborators to have the confidence and assurance that your work will be reviewed, evaluated and published, under the strict criteria of editorial quality.

Rights Session: Argos uses a Literary Work Use License, which establishes the rights that the University of Guadalajara has for the publication of the articles, as well as, among others, rights for the dissemination, promotion and dissemination of the same. Said license can be downloaded directly in the Criteria to publish section. As of issue 21, July-December 2021, the CC-BY Attribution 4.0 International licenses have been adopted for the journal portal and CC-BY NC Non-Commercial Attribution 4.0 International for the articles.


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