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Open Access Statement.

The electronic journal Argos is confined to the concept of Open Access (OA), understood as the open and free availability of information disseminated on the Internet, with the aim that any user can read, copy, download , print, distribute or any legal use, without imposing legal or technical economic barriers (Budapest Declaration, 2002).

Therefore, the journal Sincronía adopts the Open Access policies established in:

  • Budapest Declaration(2002);
  • Berlín Declaration(2003);
  • Bethesda Declaration(2003).
  • San Francisco DORA Declaration(2012)

Therefore, Argos journal makes available to the general public and Internet users, all the materials published in each of its editions at no cost, this includes the total elimination of charges for authors or consultation of materials; that is why Argos promotes direct access to academic materials, product of national and foreign researchers, as well as those literary creations in the areas of poetry, narrative and theater.

University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities
Teachers Avenue, door 3, corner with Mariano Bárcena street, Building "M", Top Floor. La Normal Colony. P.C. 44260. Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico. E-mail: Tel: (33) 3819-3378
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