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Vol. 8, issue 21 / January-June 2021

On this occasion, a critical analysis of the novel El amor en los tiempo del colera, by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, is presented, based on the categories or aspects that propitiate the narration of past events; Likewise, it presents a study of the work of the writer Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, an example of a European illustrated novel Noches tristes y día alegre; and in the same way, the work of the writer José Cadalso, Noches lúgubres, is approached. And as if that were not enough, an analysis of the role that images play and how they do it can be found in the story by the Yucatecan writer Juan García Ponce entitled Después de la cita, published for the first time in 1963.

María Ayelén Bayerque, brings us a study that investigates the tension that is generated between memory, history and identity in the novel The bodies of summer (2020) by Martín Felipe Castagnet. The autobiographical novel Estupor y temblores by Amélie Nothomb, is analyzed by Mauricio Simón Rumualdo Ávila, in order to demonstrate the presence of some La sociedad del rendimiento within the novel, despite the temporal and spatial distancing of the book, which is It is set in Japan at the beginning of the 90s. Finally, María Basso analyzes the tension that is proposed in the novels Mano de obra by Diamela Eltit and Los cuerpos del verano by Martín Felipe Castagnet, between acceleration and the limits of corporality, rest human that emerges in a world of dehumanization and that recalls the link of the body with the animal and the finiteness.

The Literary Creation section compiles a series of works by new writers and true artists of the pen. We will therefore find narrative, poetry and short stories by Daniel Frini and Ernesto Juarezrechy; Laura Serrano, José Stanislao Montes, Eduardo Segura, Juan Dreamer, Omar Paredes, respectively, among others.


Argos journal.

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