To recruit Quiet, MGSV’s female sniper-extraordinaire you’re going to have to play a little further into the game. After players complete mission 45 of The Phantom Pain, they'll no longer have the option to bring Quiet along on missions. Quiet has to be battle-ready (not recuperating). Quiet must be in the helicopter with the player when they return to Mother Base, and the player's bond with her must be above 80%. Can quiet come back? you can get her back … Get Quiet BACK ! MGSV: Phantom Pain Codenames and Emblems. She is like a mini boss and be killed or captured depending on how you take her out. That magic 7x11 bullshit ain't workin' for me. Easy how-to guide to get Quiet back in MGSV. You need her alive for any of this to happen. And to get that you have to finish 3 mission in a row and then you will be awarded with codename Butterfly. In order to unlock it, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements: Do not kill Quiet … lmao. You can mod the game to bring Quiet back, you'll just need to unpack the game files and edit one of the files that resets Quiet and brings her back into your MotherBase. Quiet is a sniper you can recruit to join you as a “buddy” in the field. But also resets her bond with you as well. ... back pattern, front pattern, and two words/digits. This is how you capture Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5. With Quiet marked, her location will also appear on the iDroid map, so get back behind cover and pull out the iDroid. I realize most of you will simply scoff and tell me to Google it, but No no! Quiet is an enemy sniper that you will run into while you in Afghanistan. Donation Points system. Bringing Quiet through Mod:-The next way to bring Quiet back is using a Mod tool. The bond with Quiet can be increased by going on missions with her. Recently I had an itch to pop in one of my favorite games from last year, Metal Gear Solid V, after quitting it cold turkey months (and months) ago after Quiet’s exit and realizing the game had no proper ending.Ironically, I stopped playing right around the time Konami released an update that enables you to put Quiet back … MGSV Spoilers. Here Is A Good Way To Get Quiet In Metal Gear Solid V. ... Minor spoilers from the first part of MGSV follow! But for this you will need Butterfly Emblem. Instead of going … Credits goes to shiryurj for fixing the file and allowing me to use it, THANKS!! However, with The Phantom Pain's November software update, players can now recover Quiet and fight alongside her once again. The tool that we will use is MGSV QAR Tool, you can search and download it from google. Side Op 150 leads to the finale of Quiet’s story, but it doesn’t bring Quiet back. You should max out your bond level with her. ... Found in Quiet’s cell once Side Ops 111 is available. Permissions and credits Author's instructions. Side Op 150 leads tot he finale of Quiet’s story, but doesn’t necessarily bring Quiet back. To recruit her you’ll have to make it to the end of Mission 11. This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points MGSV SPOILERS: Issues Getting Quiet Back. File credits. I've replayed that damn mission 20 times, always keeping her alive and yes even sitting through the cutscenes more than I'd like to admit. MGSV: Phantom Pain - Get Quiet Back (Works) Metal Gear Solid 5. no need to mod it anymore. There’s a few things you’ll have to do in order to unlock it: Do not kill Quiet in Mission 11: Cloaked In Silence.